AR Science Lab

Software: Unity, Blender, AR Core

Thousands of schools lack proper infrastructure and funds for having science laboratories, lakhs of students in coaching centres can’t access experimentation techniques. Elixar Systems wants to change that. Together, we are developing AR Science Lab a next gen solution which allows a student to visualize and experience any science experiment through a tablet and learn by experimentation.

Elixar Memro

Software: Unity, Blender, AR Core

Remember Memorizing p-block? Oh! The agony.
For a moment, close your eyes, think how your home looks like? Or your college? Or your crush?
That’s MBs if not Gigabytes of data. You remember the most intricate details but when memorizing p-block which is just like kbs you go Down!
But with the advent of AR we will bring this back. Our simulations would indulge deep into using AR for memorization. Through 3-Dimensional models and interactivity we’ll make students experience and remember.


Software: Unity, Blender, Vuforia

Ramanam Laxminarayan, advisory council member to President, USA has officially partnered with Elixar Systems through his company HealthCube Pvt. Ltd.
Together, we are looking at a multi-year collaboration encompassing solutions which make healthcare services at the ground level more efficient and immersive.