Make AR the elixar of your life.

Textbooks are boring, Elixar Systems wants to change that. Employing Augmented Reality, just point your smartphone and witness the complex concepts in front!

Ongoing projects

We are a group responsible for all your needs.


Visualise& Experience over 100+ simulations from the NCERT textbooks.
E-Pathshala AR app, with NCERT is India’s largest Augmented Reality project with an impact to millions of students.

Elixar Memro

Visualize & Memorize
Do you remember how your home is like but not your homework?
Visualize & Memorize with Elixar Memro
AR empowered Mind Palace Study Technique, Point your phone to visualize simulations, Venture deep into the concept and imbibe not rote-learn

AR Science Lab

Science Laboratories for everyone everytime.
Simulate the complex experiments for the students.
Let them experiment to the deepest detail with highest interactivity.
Because education is experimental not theoretic